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18 March 2009

Globalization and capitalization Sports

At the time of the current exercise is not only as a hobby or a distribution to maintain the body's own health, but was over more entities as one of the industry, the sports industry. There are thousands and even millions of human lives affected either directly or indirectly from the existence of this sports industry. United States as one of the centers of the world of sports industry is one of the most favorite place for those who hang up his life from the business world of sports. For example, an NBA (National Basket Ball Association), rugby and American football has become the industry's leading sports in the country. One attraction of this industry is how the audience is presented with showtimes trick the body of the athlete is. Effect of male, strong, masculine and radiated from this exercise. This is a spectator interest in it is the expression of angry, hysterical, crying, laughter is not a part of the integral of an atmosphere of rivalry. One product that is known sports people, especially among young people is a cheerleader, cheer groups are usually found in the community school children, both in primary schools, secondary schools, and up to university level. Interesting from a sporting activity that is how they presented in a group can maintain harmony and cooperate with one another to present the combination of the resilience of the body,elastic movement,and dance movements, the third to be combined in a slick performance that entertaining.
Generally, the sports in which most people wanted is the type of sports groups, some of which are volley ball and football. In the sports volleyball needed by the athlete, especially once the body is high PLAYERS. Postures in which the players will make it easier to play the game in which the majority moving is jump and hit. It is not surprising that a volleyball athletes are generally those who have a high postures. Then the sport is football or soccer, this is the type of sport the most popular and most supporters come from around the world. Continental drift of Africa, Europe, Asia, America, and Australia. Differences in ethnicity, race, and religion does not prevent them to interact with one another. In my mind they're only one goal that is playing as good as possible for their team at the club level and in the country. The soccer fans come from many different backgrounds, parents, children, adolescents, adults, black, white, brown, yellow, officer, president, believer, and many other professional and all become one to watch the match football with a variety of attributes that they use, such as a flag, favorite team shirts, hats, and many more. Here the role of capital and strengthen the color of a sports business, look at the English premier league which is one barometer of the world football. There the role of capital is felt, there billion cash flows that the role of sponsor and football club owner does not hesitate to pour money in a fantastic amount to recruit star players, with one goal so that the crowd came to the stadium and of course the large income from the club sponsor and spectator ticket. Names such as Ronaldo, Gerard, Lampard, Messi, and many others are examples of the soccer players whose lives wander their property with a fantastic salary! Thus sports, globalization and capital has made the sport as a valuable entity!

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