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02 June 2009


Salespeople must develop two information-handling skills to deal with customers effectively. A good salesperson is always attentive to and responsive to feedback the reaction from his customers about the sales information that was presented. This feedback is immediate, regardless of whether the sale was made. While feedback is important, the ability of salespeople to "feed forward" information about their products and services is crucial in establishing the direction that the sale will take. They do this by they behavior,gestures, emotions, and the word used.

Feeding information forward involves taking action. It enables you to sell effectively, using the language that makes sense to your customers. When you begin to speak their language, or lingo, it's easier for your customers to make a decision they are comfortable with. Virtually all customers use language as an aid to marketing decisions. Their words can be recast by the salesperson to assist them to make a decision to buy that is made with conviction rather than doubt. Objections are handled efficiently,and "buyer's remorse" is not experienced at a later date.

People make decisions to buy products using four distinct methods:
1. this product looks right
2. This product sounds right
3. This product feels right
4. This product makes sense.
Effective salespeople know how to spot these four systems. they then feed forward information to the customer so that the salesperson's style is perceived as captivating, helping to maintain the rapport established. To connect with people, the sales team has to relate to the perception system each customer uses so taht the information is presented in a way that is comfortable, understandable, and familiar.

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