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18 June 2009


All of us experience the world through our senses. We are becoming more oriented to using the visual sense as a part of the href="">blog marketing">sales strategist for making judgements and decisions. About the world around us. Seeing is believing. Computers, TV, videos and movies give us vast amounts of information very quickly. With this surge in visually oriented technology, most people prefer to sort information visually, especially the young. This means we can be so attracted by packaging that we move in to take a closer look, especially if the style and colors are appealing. Because our eyes can take in copious amounts of information quickly, we’ve come to expect information to be given in a hurry.

When your blog marketing">customers process data predominantly in a visual way, they will speak and move quickly. They want their questions answered immediately, and will look up frequently as they create mental images of the information as it supplied. They want to see the product work, and will make decisions based on how it looks, its style, size, shape, and color. They will also use visual terms as these most accurately represent their experience. The salesperson needs to latch onto and use these descriptive phrases like, “how would you like to see yourself growing old gracefully behind the wheels of this Mercedes?” “how will others recognize and notice what you have achieved?” These visual predicates like “see”, “recognize”, and “notice”, will match the experience of the customers who processes his information in images.

In order to match the processing style of the customers, blog advertising">many salespeople can use visual predicates to gather information, and more importantly, to move the customer away from his prejudices and objections about the product and toward his preferences and likes.
Using the visual system:
1.Can you imagine how this would look?
2.What can I show you?
3.What catches your eye?
4.What are you looking for in a…?
5.What do you notice?

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