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04 July 2009


If you have a hobby of writing and want to mencurahkannya in an online any posts that everyone can read it, so a blogger. You can write and express what you have in your mind, whether they are personal, economic, political, legal, cultural, sports, arts, religion, and others. You only need a blog as a medium that is both free as, or paid services such as blogs. Com,. Net,. Org, and so forth.

Once you have a media blog and you have the desire to earn money from your blog, not only as a place for personal expressed only, then that is to be done on a regular basis, please write at least 2 times a week and if possible to write 1 times a day. Then register your blog to google, yahoo, msn, and alexa. manage your blog as you feel for something of value in your life. Keep writing about what, wait for approximately 3 months, then register your site or blog to broker paid review as payingpost, blogsvertise, sponsoredreview, and other. Wait until you pass on the blog review by broker, and if it passes then you have ready to accept the job of the advertiser paid, payment is received usually tailored to the blog's Google PageRank and the ranking of alexa. The higher google page rank is calculated from 1 until 10. The higher the number the better, and with the number 1000000 alexa down to the good. Blog like this is usually a much sought-search by the advertiser. Therefore flee create a blog that both the paying and take advantage of your writing talent to get the revenue from this business.

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