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02 April 2009


Confidence is the key to gaining a larger proportion of the market share; confidence on the people, the company, and the product. As in most areas of life, we are judged by our performance. Therefore, we must continually improve ourselves, striving to better our past standards, or risk being left behind whilw others move on. For most people, negative feedback and complaints are undesirable. It may be easy to feel confident when the business is doing well, but weshould only be confident about one thing-complaints give us direct and honestappraisal of the health of our business. Costumer complaints serve as the barometer of our business acumen. They are not to be ignored or razionalized away. Instead the astute manager welcomes them as a chance to develop the level of service even further, to streamline difficulties, and to gain more understanding about his customers' need. Complaints represent a rare and valuable opportunity. As such, they deserve your respect and immadiate attention! complaints allow you :
1. Gather more information about your customers' need
2. Have a second chance to prove yourself
3. To provide better service when it really counts
4. To develop a long-term relationship with your client
5. To demonstrate appreciation to your costumer for their comments
6. Gain a larger proportion of the market share when you make improvements.
Remember it is difficult to please everyone completely, and complaints will be an integral part of providing a service. However it is important to assume that for every complaint you receive, there are more customers with similar difficulties who didn't contact you. So, a complaint is likely to represent more than one isolated incident. Those who take time to complain are giving you a chance to redeem yourself. They have initiated a connection with your company. This must be respected. If you respond in a satisfactory way, that is, you resolve their complaint,you will have you a future commitment and a chance at a lifelong partnership. Future sales are dependent on friendships and relationships that endure. customer do not like to form new relationships all the time. They prefer a supplier they know and value. If they have weathered the storm with you, and expended some energy into relationship, it is likely they'll continue. It cost ten times as much to get a new customer as it does to maintain and retain an existing one. Keep in mind that customer who do not tell you their grievance or disappointment are certainly telling their friends. This is the most damaging advertisement you will receive. If you are unable to defend yourself, you have no right to reply! Rather than focusing on the annoyance or intrusion complaints may bring, begin be dealing with feedback efficiently and directly. Be confident you can learn something important. Doing so in race againts time. You may not get another chance to capture a larger share of the market. When your customers sell your company for you, you have made a greate sale which will continue to reap rewards well into the future.

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